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We have established seven challenging aspirations and targets to help focus the business on achieving our responsible business vision while minimising our environmental impact. We believe this is a responsible and sustainable approach. We will be expanding and reviewing these commitments as we develop our approach.

Challenges Climate change Resource use Avoiding global deforestation
Our commitment 1 To maintain our commitment to climate neutrality 2 To be ever more efficient in how we use paper as the most significant natural resource for us 3 To use FSC papers where we can and our own grading system
How we measure progress Through carbon reduction; purchase of renewable energy; renewable energy generation at our sites and the purchase of carbon offsets We track the metric tonnes of paper required to generate £1m of non-digital revenue (see chart below) We track and report the FSC volume we purchase and the grading system we use to meet our requirement to purchase from known, responsible sources
  Electricity from renewable sources*
Electricity from renewable sources
Climate change data is published in April
*>75% of electricity is from renewable source
Paper usage
Paper usage 
We publish a paper report in April

Last year we set a series of plans for 2011. We report on our progress against those plans as part of our online Impact on Society report at

* Some 2011 projects were funded in 2010